mod_zipvfs is Apache2 module, that extends httpd server ability to read and browse zipped archive (standard archives created by many popular tools like PKZip, WinZip, Java JAR,...) and allow traverze its content like virtual filesystem. It is very usefull for browsing large html based documentation without need of decompressing archive content.

Because of popularity using Apache for personal http service, an advantages compare to other solutions is:

If you think that screenshots can tell you more, look at this:

Information about archive

Directory listing

Content displaying

Some background. I started this project, because I'm a Java developer and I realized that documentation on my computer become fat and unconsistent. I needed quick way how tu setup new documentations quickly and without much work. I have personal web, where I keep links to all documents which I need, but maintance of decompressed documentation and versions upgrades made me sick. I also needed some C skill exams :-) to stay in. So I started this project, find it usefull and hope that may it help you too.


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